ANDIG1 – Questions

1. What are examples of complex organic matter?

a. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats

b. Sugars, amino acids

c. Fatty acids

d. Methane

2. Anaerobic digestion will not occur if this major element is present?

a. Carbon dioxide

b. Oxygen

c. Calcium chloride

d. Ammonium sulfate

3. Biogas has a typical carbon dioxide content of what percent?

a. Over 60 percent

b. 50 to 60 percent

c. 40 to 50 percent

d. 30 to 40 percent

4. What are the steps of anaerobic digestion (in order)?

a. Methanogenesis, Hydrolysis, Acidogenesis,  Acetogenesis

b. Hydrolysis, Acidogenesis,  Acetogenesis,  Methanogenesis

c. Acidogenesis,  Acetogenesis,  Methanogenesis, Hydrolysis

d. Acetogenesis,  Methanogenesis, Hydrolysis, Acidogenesis

5. What is the typical methane composition of biogas?

a. Less than 35 percent

b. 35 to 45 percent

c. 45 to 65 percent

d. More than 80 percent