ANDIG4 – Answers

1. Answer: A. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats

2. Answer: B. Sugars, amino acids

3. Answer: C. 40 to 50 percent

4. Answer: D.  Acetogenesis,  Methanogenesis, Hydrolysis, Acidogenesis

5. Answer: C. 45 to 65 percent

6. Answer: B. 4 to 8 weeks

7. Answer: A. True

8. Answer: C. Fill the digester with water, bring the water to operational temperature, and then slowly add feedstock.

9. Answer: D. Seed sludge or effluent will contain all the ferment ing bacteria to ensure a quicker start up for biogas production.

10. Answer: B. False

11. Answer: A. True

12. Answer: B. False

13. Answer: E.  All of the above

14. Answer: D.  All of the above

15. Answer: A. True

16. Answer: A. True

17. Answer: D. All of the above

18. Answer: A. True

19. Answer: C. Hydrogen sulfide

20. Answer: B. Oxygen

21. Answer: D. Rotten eggs

22. Answer: E. All of the above

23. Answer: A. True

24. Answer: B. False

25. Answer: C. Methane

26. Answer: C. Both A and B

27. Answer: A. True