ANDIG6 – Answers

  1. Answer: D.  All of the above.
  2. Answer: Open ended;
  3. (1) Centralized community digesters with distributed substrate collection.
    (2) Coordinated collection, aggregation, and distribution of substrates.
    (3) Cooperatively managed energy processing.

  4. Answer: Open ended;
  5. Public engagement and deliberative planning: Examples from the wind industry illustrate that if there is an open and transparent process for decision making, with multiple opportunities for community residents to get involved and to voice their opinions, there is often greater public acceptance of a proposed renewable energy initiative.

  6. Answer: D.  All of the above.
  7. Answer: C.  Runoff of manure from agricultural fields draining to waterways contribute to poor water quality.
  8. Answer: B.  Digesters at wastewater treatment plants.