UNIT 1.1

Introduction to Bioenergy

Background and Guiding Questions

What is Bioenergy?

Drivers of Bioenergy Development

Current Trends in U.S. Energy Production and Consumption

Sustainability and its Importance


UNIT 1.2

Bioenergy Products, Feedstocks, Co-Products & By-Products

Background and Guiding Questions

Bioenergy End-Products and Their Usees

Sources of Biomass Materials

Biomass Supply Availability

Bioenergy Co-Products

Bioenergy By-Products


UNIT 1.3

Economic, Social and Ecological Impacts of Bioenergy at Local, National and Global Levels

Background and Guiding Questions

Life Cycle Analysis of Bioenergy

Community Impacts of Bioenergy

Globalized Energy and Food Systems

Ecological and Environmental Impacts of Bioenergy

Use of Marginal Lands for Biomass Production

Invasive Species

Trade-offs and Bioenergy


UNIT 1.4

Current and Emerging Challenges to Bioenergy Development

Background and Guiding Questions

Limits of Biomass Supply

Use of Invasive Species

Farmer Knowledge and Risk

Challenges of Cellulosic Ethanol Conversion


Storage and Transportation Costs

The Chicken or Egg Dilemma