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We Are Different, We Are the Same: Teaching Young Children about Diversity

Contact:  Claudia C. Mincemoyer,

Description:  Diversity activities teach young children to respect and celebrate the differences in all people. Learning about different cultural aspects offers new experiences for children.


Keywords:  children, diversity

Target Audiences:  children

Take a Stand


Cheryl Newberry  (Contact on the curriculum through TA&M, but she is currently at Oklahoma State)

Kelli Lehman,

Description:  Take A Stand was developed by Texas AgriLife Extension Service and the Texas 4-H & Youth Development Program, in partnership with the Texas Rural Mediation Services to to teach strategies to children and teens to reduce bullying. This is a five-fold curriculum that addresses the topics of conflict management/bullying, communication, etiquette, teamwork, cultural awareness. The curriculum can be implemented at three levels, grades 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.  A total of 10 class periods is needed to implement the curriculum at each level.


Keywords:  anti-bullying

Target Audiences:  teachers; youth in grades 3-5, 6-8, or 9-12



Celebrating Our Differences

Contact:  Claudia C. Mincemoyer,

Description:  Children begin to recognize differences at very young ages. They see what goes on around them by listening, observing, and exploring. Our cars are different, our houses are different, our looks are different, even our smells are different.  We live in a diverse world where children will be exposed to many different people and experiences. As adults caring for children, we can show the positive aspects of differences.  Often children, and we ourselves,may be sorting out our ideas about differences.  This website offers ideas to help children understand and respect similarities and differences among people.


Keywords:  Children, differences, diversity

Target Audiences:  Children

Be SAFE: Safe, Affirming and Fair Environments

Description:  Be SAFE (Safe, Affirming and Fair Environments) is an initiative that involves adults and youth working in partnership to create settings and groups that are welcoming, safe and inclusive. It includes a 224-page curriculum that features activities and discussion-starters to help address issues of bullying, bias and harassment.


Keywords:  children, diversity, collaboration, bullying

Target Audiences:  children, community,