Types of Irrigation Systems

There are many types of irrigations systems that can be used for providing water to crops. This unit, and the attached fact-sheet, will discuss the different types and indicate some of the advantages and disadvantages. Different irrigations systems suit different needs. The workhorse of the industry is the center pivot irrigation system, but hand-move systems are still used on smaller farms or where irrigation is done infrequently. Publications by Scherer [2] and Thomas [3] are recommended for help in selecting the type of irrigation system appropriate to specific farming situations. Refer to Fact Sheet 1 for additional references with detailed information on specific types of irrigation systems.


> Fact Sheet 1: Types of Irrigation Systems 

For more information about irrigation systems, including:

• Center-pivot

• Linear/Lateral-move

• Side-roll

• Solid-Set or Hand-move

• Traveling Gun

• Boom Cart

• Flood Irrigation

• Furrow Irrigation

• Trickle and Drip Irrigation