Extension 3.0 Video Series

I recently ran across this great video series from the University of California Davis, led by Dr. Mark Lubell. I embedded the introductory video in this post but you can find all the videos in this series on Vimeo.

The part I really picked up on in the introduction was the potential role for extension in a distributed knowledge system.

“Instead of being just one violin in the orchestra about knowledge, we [referring to Cooperative Extension] want to help conduct that orchestra; to assemble and get all the pieces moving together…”

Dr. Mark Lubell, UC Davis, Co-Director of the UC Davis Center for Environmental Policy and Behavior.

What did you take away from the video? Leave your comment below!

Introduction to Extension 3.0 – Mark Lubell Ph.D. from Extension 3.0 on Vimeo.

Designathon One 2018 Registration Now Open!

Designathon One 2018

Designaton One is part of the Impact Collaborative which is a process designed to catalyze and empower next-level Extension professionals and programs. The goal is to help you achieve a level of visibility and impact that ensures success.

Tentative Agenda


7:30 am    Continental Breakfast

8:30 am    Welcome, Overview of the Impact Collaborative

  • Team Building
  • Introduction to Kickbox

10:00 Level 1 – Inception

10:30 am     Break

10:45 Level 1, continued

  • Response Box – How did you work differently today?

11:00 am    Level 2 – Ideate

12 pm        Lunch provided

12:45  Level 2, continued

2:10 Introduction to Flipgrid

2:15 Level 3 – Improve

2:30 pm    Break

2:45 pm Level 3, continued

5:00 pm    Wrap up first day


7:30 am    Continental Breakfast

8:30 am    Announcements, logistics, and debrief from Day 1

8:45 am Check-In Activity

9:00 Level 4 – Investigate

10:30 am    Break

10:45 am    Level 4, continued

12 pm        Lunch provided

12:45 pm    Level 4, continued

1:45 pm    Level 5 – Iterate

2:30 pm    Break

2:45 pm    Level 6 – Infiltrate

5:00 pm    Wrap up second day


7:30 am    Continental Breakfast

8:30 am    Logistics and Announcements for Day 3

8:35 am    Day 1 and 2 Debrief

8:45 am Check-In Activity

9:00 Community Readiness Index – Using Kickbox as an engagement invitation for community partners

10:30 am    Break

10:45 am    Networking and Calendar of Activities

11:00 am    Community engagement PLAN revisited

11:15 Final Question and Answer

12 pm        Conclusion of Designathon One

Impact Collaborative Facilitators Earn Certificates

Fourteen innovative Extension professionals (and a large portion of the eXtension staff) recently earned certificates to become facilitators for the Impact Collaborative Designathon One events.

The Impact Collaborative catalyzes next-level Extension programs and professionals. These individuals participated in a 2 ½ day workshop in Dayton, Ohio (November 28-30, 2017), during which they had to take a real or imagined project through all six levels of Adobe Kickbox and practice facilitation skills.

Your Designathon One facilitators include:

  • Steve Hadcock, Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • Karima Samadi, The Ohio State University
  • Chris Walker, The Ohio State University Extension FCS
  • Scott Matteson, Michigan State University
  • Alan Pilkenton, Michigan State University
  • Heather Wallace, University of Tennessee
  • David Keto, University of Wyoming
  • Bekah Sparks, Mississippi State University Extension
  • Ryan Wynkoop, Purdue University
  • Christopher Petrone, Delaware Sea Grant / University of Delaware
  • Jane Crayton, Colorado State University
  • Malory Foster, University of Florida IFAS Extension
  • Amelia Doll, North Dakota State University
  • Daphne Richards, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service
  • Jessica Beckendorf, University of Wisconsin – Extension
  • Christian Schmieder, University of Wisconsin Extension – Cooperative Extension

eXtension staff: Terry Meisenbach, Beverly Coberly, Ashley Griffin, Scott Cummings, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, Molly Immendorf, Jill Heemstra, University of Nebraska and eXtension Foundation, Melanie Weir

eXtension Foundation Impact Collaborative Facilitators were trained by the eXtension Foundation to deliver design thinking training, including Kickbox and other tools, as a part of the Impact Collaborative process.  They have committed to provide these trainings as a part of the eXtension Foundation’s offerings of sanctioned Designathon One events throughout 2018. Both Premium and Basic members of the eXtension Foundation can participate in Designathon One events.  Non-member institutions, at this time, cannot participate in Designathon One events. To become a member institution, contact Chief Operating Office Beverly Coberly beverlycoberly@extension.org.