Phase Two – Designathon One

Designathon One 2018

The Impact Collaborative (IC) Designathon One (D1) is a two-day workshop that helps teams hone, expand, build-out, or modify an idea into a compelling innovative project that attracts and catalyzes key stakeholders and strategic partners. When you leave D1, you will have an innovation process and tools you can continue to use to get good ideas on the ground.

Upcoming Events

There are no national or regional events scheduled at this time. Events are being discussed. D1 events are open to any extension professional at a member institution and their community partners. Contact Ashley Griffin for updates or to suggest potential locations.

Several state or regional events being hosted by member institutions for faculty staff in their location or around a focused topic are being discussed. To find out if an event may be near you, contact Ashley Griffin.

Completed Events

Five events were completed in January and February 2018, with 170 participants (excluding eXtension staff and presenters). Click on any of the completed events below to learn more about each. More events are being planned. If you are interested in having an event in your state, contact Ashley Griffin

  • Raleigh NC, January 22-24, 2018 (co-hosted by North Carolina State University)
  • Portsmouth NH, February 5-7, 2018 (co-hosted by University of New Hampshire Extension)
  • Portland OR, February 5-7, 2018 (co-hosted by Oregon State University Extension)
  • Madison WI, February 19-21, 2018 (co-hosted by University of Wisconsin Extension)
  • Ithaca NY, February 20-22, 2018 (co-hosted by Cornell Cooperative Extension)

More About Designathon One

Frequently Asked Questions

Tentative Agenda

What We Learned About Designathon One in 2018

These first D1 events included many successes. We also are committed to a responsive process. Based on our observations as well as feedback from attendees and state administrators, the following changes are being made.

  • Future D1 events will be 2 days rather than 2 1/2 days.
  • A local design team will be formed who will work with eXtension staff to ensure context and approach to the event fit the goals of the host institution.
  • Additional facilitators will be trained. They and existing facilitors will be provided ongoing training on  the content of the event and facilitation techniques.
  • More examples, especially those showing extension, non-profit, and educational successes using these techniques will be incorporated into the curriculum.

If you have additional suggestions, please send those to Molly Immendorf