Frequently Asked Questions About the Impact Collaborative

Why Should I Participate In the Impact Collaborative? What’s In It For Me?

We have all heard that Cooperative Extension is America’s best-kept secret. All extension professionals should feel a sense of urgency that a system with so much to offer is not more widely recognized as a contributor in addressing the complex issues faced by the people we serve. The Impact Collaborative process is designed to help extension professionals in four important ways:

  1. Think and work differently as you innovate new and leading edge approaches
  2. Design for impact in order to ensure meaningful results are realized and demonstrated
  3. Gain the space and support to move your ideas forward
  4. Accelerate issue identification and increase capacity for addressing future needs

Some extension professionals will develop entirely new skills and new mindsets. Extension professionals already working in engaged and innovative programs will have opportunities to become facilitators, key informants, or otherwise advance their skills.

Who Can Apply? Am I Eligible?

Anyone at an eXtension member institution is eligible to apply for the Impact Collaborative. Extension specialists, agents, educators, assistants, support staff or coordinators (or anyone else!) will benefit from the Impact Collaborative. We STRONGLY encourage inclusion of community or non-extension partners in your application team. If you have questions about who can be part of your team, contact Ashley Griffin or Molly Immendorf.

If your institution is not currently a member of eXtension, we are accepting new members for 2018! Contact Chief Operating Officer Beverly Coberly for information on joining eXtension.

What if I have an extension collaborator at a non-member institution?

Individuals affiliated with non-member institutions cannot participate in the Impact Collaborative.  We are accepting new members for 2018! Contact Chief Operating Officer Beverly Coberly for information on joining eXtension.

What Will It Cost?

There is no charge to apply to the Impact Collaborative. You will need to pay travel and registration costs for team members that attend Designathon One and Designathon Two.

What Is the Application Deadline?

At this time, applications are accepted on a rolling basis and teams eligible to participate in events (like Designathon Two) after their application is complete and reviewed by the organizing committee. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible. That maximizes your opportunity for support and connecting with others working in your topic area.

Can I Make Changes Later?

Yes, you can add or subtract team members and make changes to your application.

How will teams be selected? Are we automatically accepted if we apply?

Applying early is best as it gives your team the most support. We have an organizing committee for each topic area that will guide the review and process. It is not an automatic acceptance, but we are here to help guide your application, so the earlier you apply, the support the committee can provide.

What Will I Need to Provide in the Application?

You will need a letter of support from your supervisor and to provide information about your team members and a general description of the topic area or issue you are working on. We are also gathering information that will help the evaluation and communication teams work with you to tell the story of your project’s progress, success, lessons learned, and impact.

The application can be started, saved, and changed as you gather the needed information.

Do all team members need to attend the Designathon events?

We strongly encourage team members to attend Designathon One and Designathon Two together as much as possible. We recognize that schedules and travel budgets may limit some participation and that team members may be added or leave the team as the project progresses. Wherever possible, having team members attend the Designathon events together will result in the most rewarding experience.