impact collaborative logoFellows

Contact one of the Fellows for questions about your Impact Collaborative topic area or to find other projects, ideas, or experts in that area.

eXtension Staff

Contact eXtension staff for any questions about the process or details of the Impact Collaborative process.


There are several Extension professionals that have received training on the Impact Collaborative process.

Designathon One – Meet the facilitators… Not only will the facilitators help you at Designathon One, but they are here to support your efforts after you go home. “Office hours” will be coming soon!

Designathon Two – Facilitator list coming soon!

Key Informants

The key informants (KIs) are resources to help you solve problems you encounter in your project or program.

Food Systems, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion, and Behavioral Health key informants are being recruited by the program fellows now. KI’s for topics all of us encounter, like evaluation, stakeholder engagement, social media, funding, etc. are also being recruited.

Questions about the Impact Collaborative process? Ask Us!

Questions about innovation or working differently? Use #EdTechLN on Twitter to get insights and advice from the Ed Tech Learning Network.

The Impact Collaborative Community

Meet the Designathon One attendees.  If you attended, be sure to sign up for an eXtension ID (or login with your existing ID) and join the community. Use the community listserv to ask questions or connect with other attendees.

On Twitter? Use the #eXtIC hashtag to interact with other innovative extension professionals and their community partners. Tag @eXtension4u in posts so we know the great stuff you are doing and can share your work with others!

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