Would You Hide Your Child’s Gender?

Would You Hide Your Child’s Gender?

For one couple there was no question. In the story ‘Parents keep child’s gender under wraps’ Kathy Witterick and David Stocker of Toronto, Canada tell all about how they decided not to reveal the gender of their new baby, even to close friends and family.

Inspired by a 1978 book titled X: A Fabulous Child’s Story by Lois Gould where a child ‘X’ is raised as neither a boy or girl, and grows up to be a happy and well-adjusted child Stocker and Witterick decided to do it. “It became so compelling it was almost like, How could we not?” Witterick said.

The parents are determined to keep their child’s gender hidden so (s)he can grow up making his/her own choices without the influence of gender socialization.  According to Witterick “Everyone keeps asking us, ‘When will this end?'” she said. “And we always turn the question back. Yeah, when will this end? When will we live in a world where people can make choices to be whoever they are?”

Now it’s your turn to weigh in. What is your opinion? Would you hide your child’s gender?

Would you hide the gender of your child?

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