Extension MasterBloggers

While the national Extension Master Gardener blog is off to a good start, it’s far from the start of Extension Master Gardener blogging.

A number of state (and many more county!) programs  have been publishing master gardener blogs for awhile. If you are thinking of beginning a blog or are looking for posting ideas for an existing blog, check out the wonderful resources from:







These are only the statewide blogs that:

  1. Come up on the first few pages of my search engine of choice, or
  2. Are promoted on the front page of the statewide master gardener website, and importantly
  3. Have been recently updated.

Does your state or county master gardener program have a pretty good blog, too? Please share it by leaving a reply to this post (don’t forget the link!). Feel free to tell us about other cooperative extension blogs that master gardeners might find interesting.

Best, Bill Hoffman


3 Responses to “Extension MasterBloggers”

  1. Ray Eckhart says:

    We think we have a pretty good blog. Check us out:


    Franklin County Pennsylvania

  2. Oue blog is the first by Master Gardeners in the state of Mississippi- we really try to be very casual- as if you are talking to a neighbor or friend about gardening. We want people to realize that gardening is fun-but frustrating also at times.

  3. karenjeannette says:

    Vicki, Thank you for sharing the news about your blog. Congratulations for getting it started. I noticed that you need to register to access your blog. Is your blog community available just for Master Gardeners in Mississippi or for anyone who registers for the site?