EMG Blog Learning Notes – Recapping October 2012

Captivated by Fall

To no one’s surprise, “fall” was definitely the theme on the blog this month. It seems we were captivated by autumn splendor. In some, but not all, areas of the country, this means the change in the amount and quality of  daylight, with foliage and fruit shifting from shades of green to brilliant shades of yellow, orange, red, and burgundy. But it’s not just colors that take the stage, we also see unique textures in seeds and structures of plants that dazzle us in autumn.

Collection of fall photos

Autumn splendor - collection of fall photos (Photo collage: Doug Bascom)

Of course, this fall wasn’t all about the scenery; Extension Master Gardeners had work to do, bugs to identify, and events to attend!

Extension Master Gardeners Talk About Fall Clean Up

Scrubbing Clay Pots

Clean terra cotta pots with a mix of one part bleach to nine parts water. Scrubbing with a nail brush will help get the soil from the sides (Photo: Carla Albright)

This month on one Wordless Wednesday, we witnessed UNL’s Landscape Management class’s fall clean up project, just prior to them removing diseased or weedy plant materials.

We also discussed fall gardening chores Extension Master Gardeners were accomplishing across the U.S. on our Facebook page.  With so much to do, keeping a manageable garden list, as Carla Albright suggests, can be a clever thing to do (especially when you alternate which muscle groups do each chore!).

Extension Master Gardeners Report on Fall Bugs and Insects

  • Halloween’s  (Almost) Wordless Wednesday, the ‘Body Invaders‘ video, was a “scary” thrill for gardeners who also happen to appreciate beneficial parasitic wasps. This video came about as a resource to help a recent community garden ID and understand an ‘unknown’ but beneficial insect in their garden.

Kudzu bug infestation on outside of home

Kudzu bug infestation on outside of home (Photo Credit: Daniel R. Suiter, University of Georgia, Bugwood.org)

Multicolored Asian lady beetle. Photo showing variation in color pattern.

Multicolored Asian lady beetle. Photo showing variation in color pattern. (Photo credit: Bill Ree, Texas A&M University, Bugwood.org)

Catching Up: A Few of October’s Noteworthy Events and Updates

Tents fill the lawn at Monticello

Tents and festival-goers fill the lawn at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello


What about You?

What did you notice or do in the garden this month? Leave a comment and let us know what you or your Extension Master Gardener program have been up to… OR, do you have a story about something you are doing or seeing in your Extension Master Gardener program?  Would you like to share in a future blog post?  Send an email to emg@extension.org about a topic or event you’d like considered for a blog post.  We’ll work with you to help schedule and post it.


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