2015 Search for Excellence Awards – Youth — 2nd Place Winner

“Garden Candy” A Kindergarten Tomato Planting Project

The Kindergarten Tomato Planting Project has evolved since 2011 when our local hospital (Fisher-Titus Medical Center) invited the Huron County Ohio Master Gardener volunteers to help kindergarteners plant a vegetable to grow at home. garden candy 1This project culminated the hospital’s year long lessons presented in their program called “Game On: The Ultimate Wellness Challenge.” This wellness challenge was designed to help alleviate our county’s major health concerns of obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. As Master Gardeners, we used this opportunity to help the children discover that healthy eating can be delicious and that growing their own vegetable can be fun. The vegetable we chose was a sweet, cherry tomato (Basket Boy) which is just the right size for a child to pick and eat. This program started in a small way with just one school. Each year the project grew so that in 2014 we met with a total of 625 students in 23 different classrooms. Those who replicate this program can expect to see smiles, smudges, and the delighted grins of children. The children enjoyed participating in a hands-on planting experience and could look forward to snatching a piece of “Garden Candy” during the summer.

garden candy 2The Master Gardeners conducted a thirty minute program with each kindergarten class. During those thirty minutes, we taught the life cycle of a tomato plant, gave directions and instructions for taking care of a tomato plant, and helped students at different stations plant, water, and package the tomato seedling to take home. Those waiting to plant were engaged by listening to the book Oh, No Monster Tomato by Jim Helmore and Karen Hall and singing an original Master Gardener tomato song. To conclude the program, the students recited the solemn pledge: “I promise…to take care of my tomato plant… to give it water…plenty of sunshine…and to check on it every day. “ We know the impact of this project will be ongoing throughout the students’ lives, and we did indeed help them “GROW!” garden candy 3

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