2015 Search for Excellence Awards – Demonstration — 2nd Place Winner

Sweet Taters

Ssotry tellersMGs were invited to participate in a joint venture with the South Cobb County Arts Alliance, Friends of the Mable House, and Cobb County Department of Recreation and Cultural Affairs to create a sweet educational garden project at the Mable House in Mableton: (“sweet” as in sweet potatoes, specifically Beauregards. Doesn’t that just put some South in your mouth?).
On October 18,2014, the Arts Alliance will be hosting its annual Storytelling Festival at the Mable House, located in Mableton in Southwest Cobb County, Georgia . One of the events will be story telling about how to grow sweet potatoes. The Robert Mable family, original owners of the Mable House, grew sweet potatoes commercially during the mid-1800s, storing them in an outbuilding built specifically for that purpose. You can see the building during tours of the Mable House.

During the Story Telling Festival, children participate in activities that replicate those conducted by farming families during the period, including growing and harvesting sweet potatoes and corn shucking. To obtain sweet potatoes, the original plan was to purchase them from local growers, but this changed to using a plot behind the Mable House to grow the vegetables with the help of MGVOCC.

On May 22nd, several MGs (including Linda Hlozansky, JoAnne Newman, Lisa Jobe, Donna Peppers, and Lallie Hayes) and Friends of the Mable House ( David McDaniel, Nancy Thomas, and Eleanor Wade), installed a sweet potato patch behind the Mable House, planting about 100 Beauregards. This variety was developed at Louisiana State University in 1987. It matures in 90 days, so it would be just in time for the Storytelling Festival.
Participating children learned how the sweet potatoes were grown and saw sweet potatoes that had been rooted and were growing in a glass. They got their own “Mable House Sweet Potato Kit” to take home, using the potatoes grown at the Mable House over the summer.

This cooperative project demonstrates how Cobb MGs stay involved in serving and educating their community, not only with ongoing projects, but when a special opportunity to serve presents itself.

by Lallie Hayes

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